Metal Sheet


Roofing, wall Cladding and siding

Roofing and Cladding is available in a range of different colours each designed to enhance the building where choice and aesthetic appeal can be matched to environmental and performance requirements.

-Poppy Red
-Olive Green

-Merlin Grey
-Solent Blue
-Goosewing Grey
-Moorland Green

Properties of Section

Flashing curve

A flashing structure for installation along a roof edge to aid in proper drainage of moisture run-off. The sheet metal flashing includes a planar body portion for installation under the shingles or other roof covering and extending from a free edge to a parallel drainage edge. The flashing is bent at the drainage edge to extend back under and away from the body portion in a continuous curve, preferably of constant radius, for about 180°. The flashing is bent again at an angle of less than 90° at the juncture of the curved portion and a flat portion which extends from the juncture edge to a drip edge where the material is bent back upon itself to provide a portion extending to a terminal edge.

Radial Roof
Type Minimum Radial
TRP25-750SS&M 250 m.m
TRP29-730OSS&M 250 m.m
TRP38-380OS 250 m.m
TRP20-1000 250 m.m
TRP88-600 800 m.m
TRP39-700 K 1000 m.m
VRP80-650 K     900 m.m
VRP60-750 BL    500 m.m
TRP110-650 BL    1000 m.m

Spank Curved
Type Minimum Radial
TRP25-750SS&M 40 M.
TRP29-750SS&M 40 M.
TRP38-750S      50 M.
TRP20-1000      35 M.
TRP88-600        150 M.
TRP39-700 K     100 M.
VRP80-650 K             400 M.
VRP60-750 BL 150 M.
TRP110-650 BL 400 M.

Installation Flashing Detail

Installation louver sheet


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